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February 1, 2013
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Battle Royal: The Mark by angelthewingedcat Battle Royal: The Mark by angelthewingedcat
For my upcoming fanfic 'Battle Royal':nod: A bit of spoilers below so don't want if you don't want to spoiler the story for yourself.:nod:

Wing looked at the window, looking a bit worried.
“Is…is he gone?” asked Wing.
“For now,” answered the raccoon as he turned and rested his cane on his shoulder, “So…what’s your name?”
Wing frowned a bit.
“Why would you ask that?” asked Wing.
The raccoon chuckled.
“Well for one thing, I don’t think you would want me going around calling ‘mistress’ like some of the other summers would. And second, I think since I’m going to be your servant, it’s only fair you tell me your name,” explained the raccoon.
Wing blanked a bit.
“Servant? What do you mean that?” asked Wing.
The raccoon blanked a bit before he sighed.
“I get it…you summon me without even realizing it,” said the raccoon.
“Guess so,” said Wing.
She looked down and noticed a raccoon symbol on her hand, making the teen look confused.
“What is this?” asked Wing, “I know I never got a tattoo on my hand.”
“That would be my mark,” explained the raccoon as he smiled.
“M-Mark?!” asked Wing.
The raccoon chuckled once again.
“Relax. Unless someone else has a servant, no one is going to see it. So you’re safe from people asking if it’s a tattoo or not,” explained the raccoon.
Wing groaned.
“It’s not just this so called mark! First off, I was attacked by that Hazama guy, and then you somehow appeared and are now saying you’re my servant! Hello! That’s stuff that happens in an anime! Besides, I don’t even know your name!” snapped Wing.
The raccoon paused a bit for a moment.
“Oh right…normally the one who summons me knows my name so I forget,” said the raccoon to himself before he smiled and said out loud, “Name’s Sly. Sly Cooper, a master thief.”
“You’re joking, right?” asked Wing, not believing him.
The raccoon, Sly, shook his head.
“Nope. I’m died serious. And starting tonight, you’re stuck with me until this war is done,” chuckled Sly, “As well as my gang once they get here.”
Wing’s eyes widen in compete shock. It then showed the outside of the building as Wing was heard screaming one word.

Wing and 'Battle Royal' @ :iconangelthewingedcat:/me
Sly @ Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games
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BubbleMomoko15 Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Oh dear!
Well I've gotten myself into worst trouble.^^;
BubbleMomoko15 Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
tell me about. I got myself wind up with vampires and dragons
Lol. Nice start. Sounds good. I can't wait to see how it goes
XD poor you

:evileye: the prize is mine btw :iconaninefaceplz: ATTACK KIRBY!

Kirby: (bounces into action) :iconpoyoplz: poyo!
Me: EH?!:omg:

Sly: Wow, surprise to see him again.
(Me and Kirby run to you and sly) :x victory :la: SHALL BE MINE

Kirby: :dummy: POYO!

(At you and sly) :iconhyperglompplz:

Sly: (Kicks you off of him) Get off!:X
:doh:....:iconanimefaceplz: Kirby!

Kirby: :salute: (tackles sly)
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