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Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time in Toon City

It is the year 2010. The scene is a city called Toon Town where many toons live. Soon the scene changed to a building roof top.

Voice: Now it's always once upon a time in New Toon City

It's a big old bad old tough old town, it's true

But beginnings are contagious there

They're always setting stages there,

They're always turning pages there for you…

Soon two figures are running on top for a roof top. They were known as The Cooper Gang.

The first figure is a gray raccoon wearing a black eye mark, a blue hat, a blue shirt, golden wristbands and blue shoes. His name is Sly Cooper, the leader.

The second figure is a pink hippo with a red pilot's helmet, a light blue shirt, red gloves and red shoes. His name is Murray.

The two were running from Carmelita Fox, a member of Interpol.

Voice: Ain't it great the way it all begins in Toon City

What a way of making time and making friends!

The two nods as they run different ways in hope at least one could make it to Bentley, the brains for the team.

"Rember the plain?" asked Sly before the two slip up.

"Meet at the hide out," replied Murray. With this the two run to different alley walls, not knowing what would happen next.

Voice: Some one cares for you and if today

If they pick you out, you're on your way

To a once upon a time that never ends!

Sly looked back to see he is the one being followed. He soon found a way to the sewer and want underground, losing Carmelita Fox.

Voice: So, Sly, don't be shy

Get out there, let go and try,

Believing that you're the guy they're dying to see

It was two days later and Sly was still in the sewer. He smiled when he sees a way to the surface.

'Maybe Bentley and Murray are outside,' thought Sly as he started his way up.

Voice: Cause a dream's no crime

Not once upon a time

Once upon a time in Toon City

Soon Sly climbed out of the sewer and looked around. He could tell at he was no longer in Toon Town but in Toon City, a place at take two days to get to.

'Great, just great,' thought Sly. It soon started to rain causing the raccoon to run to shelter.

Voice: If it's always Once upon a time in Toon City…

Why's it nightfall and you're feeling so alone?

How could anyone stay starry eyed

When it's raining cats and dogs outside

And the rain is saying "Now you're on your own!"?

Sly looked around to see places where closed and since he never been to this city many people didn't know about him and his team breaking into a place to stay at wasn't a choice.

Voice: So, Sly, don't be scared

Though yesterday no one cared

They're getting your place prepared where you want to be

Keep your dream alive

Dreaming is still how the strong survive

Once upon a time in Toon City

Finally Sly found a truck and walked to it. Once he gets there the raccoon sat down to rest.

Voice: Keep your dream alive

Dreaming is still how the strong survive

Once upon a time in Toon City

'Tomorrow I'll look around to find a way back without the crops seeing me' thought Sly as he falls to sleep.

Voice: And it's always Once upon a time in Toon City…
Chapter one for Sly Cooper & Company, my parody of Oliver & Company^^ Sorry if there is any grammer or spelling error, writing isn't my best subject but it isn't stoping me!

Sly Cooper, Murray, Bentley and Carmelita belongs to Sly Cooper
Olvier & Company belongs to Disney
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Bloomebelle Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student Writer
O.o u lost me after yu said her name is carmelita fox from interpol lol
ilikebender Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2010
erm... sly belongs to sucker punch! i know this the first time i saw him, a demo of sly 2 in my ratchet and clank 3 game! the sucker punch logo appears just as you start the demo!
angelthewingedcat Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2010
I was talking about the game^^;
ilikebender Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
???... i like that little pic u 'ave 4 ur username, i just got platinum version yesterday. dawn got a new outfit 4 it! plus the boy who had it last had a shiny shaymin that had the pokérus! as hinted by a little smiley face when u go 2 summary, NOW IT'S MY SHAYMIN! and a riolu i dumped b cuz i already hav another 3! lucky enough the riolu i dumped off on platinum did'nt have the the move shadow claw! that move was probably inherited from the mother! which was the first born riolu (from breeding) and it is a girl! i've got a top-tip on how 2 evolve riolu easily! raise it up to lv.26, and use a rare candy on it! that's how i raised my shiny riolu (nicknamed pharoah) up to a lucario! and i was about ton catch a shiny lairon in ruby, but it used roar on me! and fled, was my first seen shiny in ruby! and i downloaded the first sly comic! about a few months ago! it's good!
ps. sly is created by sucker punch, and heres some little poké things that u might find kind of erm... identical!
bonsly! bonsai pokémon, "bon-sly?
moves: thief, pluck and snatch. zigzagoon can learn this, vulpix and ninetales cannot!
pokémon: zigzagoon, tiny raccoon pokémon, vulpix and ninetales are both foxes! bonsly can learn the move thief, and there is a hint,
"sly" means crafty and sneaky, the pokémon bonsly has 'sly' in it's name! and b cuz in pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew, bonsly attempted to make off with the food Brock made for the others, suddenly stopped by lucario giving bonsly a berry! and bonsly is pronounced 'bon-slee' in the film, and 'bon-sly' in pbr!(pokémon battle revolution) and sly cooper hardly stops grinning! if u hav noticed it! and most of your very first little 'sly cooper and company' stories hardly have any comments on them! am I the first one to comment your first lil' fanfic?!
angelthewingedcat Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
Oh wow^^ And yes you're one for the first here^^ It's popular on^^ The other parts are up if you want to read them^^
ilikebender Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010
my little fanfic sly character is going to look a wee bit like him! but wearing red and black, the calling card is also red with blue eyes and psychic blue markings on the forehead. black when the head-cloth is taken off. only glows when using psychic moves. already begun designing her. looks like sly with a lombax build to her. she also got the intelligence of a lombax. not forgetting that she carries a modified shock pistol with her. and a cane that has a removable hook on it, a wrench comes out when she pushes a button on it. she prefers to be a hero than a thief. the shock pistol fires a blast of charged electricity, it can easily destroy a robot, leaving only the legs behind! sry for repeating the 'looks like sly' part twice!
angelthewingedcat Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010
It's cool^^
ilikebender Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010
i did continue the story! but... microsoft word ain't functioning properly! meaning, every time i make a mistake, i have to go back to that point, and rewrite the rest of that sentence!
angelthewingedcat Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010
I had that happen to me before. i'm not sure what caused it to do that...
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